Sukkot Song שיר סוכות Citizen Israel אזרח ישראל

Celebrate Sukkot  סוכות with this upbeat Sukkot Song  שיר סוכות
– our best rendition yet with live string solos! Sing, dance or play the song in your sukkah! Let’s celebrate Sukkot and the Messiah! Citizen Israel is dedicated to prophetic Messianic music which encourages unity in Messiah’s community.  Song is available in online stores under the title of “Sukkot Song” by Citizen Israel, except in iTunes where song is under the title of “Feast of Tabernacles” by Citizen Israel. We would love to see you use this song for HaShem’s glory.  Share your Youtube video and we can post on our channel.  
Download the free lyrics/chord here.          אזרח ישראל שיר סוכות